We Nagarkars hail from Pandharpur. My grand father started the jewellery business way back in early 1900's when there was no means of communication or transportation. He used to travel cities and villages all over Maharashtra and sell pearls.

He then opened a shop in the famous Tulsibaug in Pune, a small city in India by the name "Shripad Shankar Nagarkar", known presently as Nagarkar Jewelers.

My father Vallabh Nagarkar and Uncle Vasant Nagarkar later joined him in the jewellery business and helped the business grow.



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Since the time I was little I used to go to our shop whenever I used to get time from school to see my grandfather, father and uncle work in the shop.
It used to be great fun! Unknowingly I had developed a liking for the family business.

As I grew up I accompanied my father to our dealers in and around India. It was a great learning to see my father do his beloved business he was so passionate about.

As I completed my higher secondary schooling, I got attracted to the glamorous career of modeling and modeled for number of advertisements and magazines. However the family jewellery business always remained my first love.